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Last updated: May 01, 2024
Porta Finance, UAB

Porta Finance, UAB


is not in process of liquidation on May 1, 2024

Private Limited Liability Company

Lithuania 13 Dec 2011 (12 years ago)

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NamePorta Finance, UAB
  • ActiveNo legal proceedings
Registration numberCode302697412
LEI Code
  • 2549003VWXR7MMX3G979
Incorporation Date13 Dec 2011 (12 years ago) / 53 companies with the same date
Authorized capital2896 Eur
Legal formPrivate Limited Liability Company

Contact details

Legal addressVilnius, Gedimino pr. 20, LT-01103
  • +37************
  • por************
  • +37************

Financial reports

YearNet salesNet profitFixed assetsOther
20213,298,475 EUR
1,994,646 EUR
34,194 EUR
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2020493,214 EUR
25,420 EUR
7,304 EUR
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20191,236,709 EUR
495,768 EUR
10,559 EUR
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Identification numbers

Data from the LEI register
  • 2549003VWXR7MMX3G979
  • Legal namePorta Finance, UAB
  • Registration date14 May 2019
  • StatusActiveIssued
  • IssuerActiveBloomberg Finance L.P.
  • Last updated19 Mar 2024
  • Next renewal14 Apr 2025

Frequently asked questions

Where is Porta Finance, UAB's headquarters?

Porta Finance, UAB's headquarters is located at Vilnius, Gedimino pr. 20, LT-01103

What year was Porta Finance, UAB started?

Porta Finance, UAB was started in 2011

What is the LEI number of Porta Finance, UAB?

Porta Finance, UAB LEI number is 2549003VWXR7MMX3G979

How much does Porta Finance, UAB generate in sales?

Porta Finance, UAB's sales is $3,899,960

How much profit does Porta Finance, UAB make?

Porta Finance, UAB's profit is $2,358,375

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