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Organization Organization


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Company Number1020600002182

Incorporation Date 22 Jan 2020 (10 months ago)

Company TypeLimited liability company


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NameSocietatea cu Răspundere Limitată HATHOR

Short NameHATHOR S.R.L.

Brand NameHATHOR

Registered Address Ialoveni, Costesti

Status Active

Public debt No


Pays Excises No


Pays VAT Yes

Registration number 6701612

Registration Date 01/02/2020






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s. Caracui, r. Hincesti (S.CARACUI)


s. Costesti, r. Ialoveni (S.COSTESTI)


Company activities

Secondary activities (63)

#7 Import and storage of ethyl alcohol; import, storage and wholesale of alcoholic beverages and / or imported beer #8 Manufacture of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic production, beer and / or storage, wholesale of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic production and beer produced by domestic producers #9 Import of tobacco articles; import and / or industrial processing of tobacco; manufacture of tobacco products and / or wholesale trade in tobacco products and fermented tobacco #7 Extraction of metal ores #8 Other extractive activities #9 Extractive service activities #111 Cultivation of cereals (excluding rice), leguminous plants and oilseeds #113 Cultivation of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers #119 Cultivation of other plants from non-permanent crops #121 Grape cultivation #124 Cultivation of seeds and stone fruits #125 Cultivation of fruit trees, strawberries, walnuts and other fruit trees #126 Cultivation of oilseeds #128 Cultivation of spices, aromatic, medicinal and pharmaceutical plants #129 Cultivation of other plants from permanent crops #130 Cultivation of plants for propagation #141 Raising dairy cattle #142 Raising other cattle #145 Raising sheep and goats #146 Raising pigs #147 Raising birds #149 Raising other animal species #150 Mixed farm activities (vegetable cultivation combined with animal husbandry) #161 Ancillary activities for crop production #162 Ancillary activities for animal husbandry #163 Post-harvest activities #164 Preparation of seeds for sowing #220 Logging #230 Collection of non-wood forest products from spontaneous flora #322 Freshwater aquaculture #1011 Meat production, processing and preservation #1012 Processing and preserving of poultry meat #1031 Processing and preserving of potatoes #1032 Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juices #1039 Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables, except potatoes #1041 Manufacture of oils and fats #1091 Manufacture of preparations for animal feed #1092 Manufacture of pet food #1102 Manufacture of grape wines #2053 Manufacture of essential oils #4611 Intermediation in trade in agricultural raw materials, live animals, textile raw materials and semi - finished products #4612 Intermediation in trade in fuels, ores, metals and chemicals for industry #4613 Agents involved in the sale of timber and building materials #4616 Agents involved in the sale of textiles, fur clothing, footwear and leather goods #4619 Intermediation in trade in various products #4621 Wholesale of unprocessed grain, seeds, fodder and tobacco #4623 Wholesale of live animals #4631 Wholesale of fruit and vegetables #4632 Wholesale of meat and meat products #4633 Wholesale of dairy products, eggs, edible oils and fats #4638 Specialized wholesale of other foods, including fish, shellfish and molluscs #4639 Non-specialized wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco #4661 Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies #4671 Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and derived products #4673 Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment #4675 Wholesale of chemicals #4676 Wholesale of other intermediate products #4690 Non-specialized wholesale trade #4721 Retail sale of fresh fruit and vegetables in specialized stores #4722 Retail sale of meat and meat products in specialized stores #4723 Retail sale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs in specialized stores #4776 Retail sale of flowers, plants and seeds; retail sale of pet food and pet food in specialized stores #5210 storage