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Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata DEMI CORPORATION

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Sources: Guvernul Republicii Moldova, Serviciul Fiscal de Stat

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Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata DEMI CORPORATION Moldavian company. Was founded on June 8, 2021 with identification number 1021600025621 based on mun. Chişinău, sec. Rîşcani, str. Bogdan-Voievod, 7, ap.(of.) 150.


NameSocietatea cu Răspundere Limitată DEMI CORPORATION

Registered Address mun. Chisinau, sec. Riscani, str. Bogdan-Voievod, 7, ap.(of.) 150

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Company activities

Secondary activities (10)
#4791 Retail sale via mail order houses or via the Internet #4799 Retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets #6190 Other electronic communications activities #6201 Custom software development activities (customer oriented software) #6202 IT consultancy activities #6209 Other information technology service activities #6311 Data processing, web page administration and related activities #6312 Web portal activities #8532 Secondary, technical or vocational education #9602 Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Societatea cu Răspundere Limitată DEMI CORPORATION

Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata DEMI CORPORATION


Company Number1021600025621

Incorporation Date 08 Jun 2021

Company TypeLimited liability company

Status Active






  • Ownership - 100%


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