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Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata LIT OCEANS

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Sources: Guvernul Republicii Moldova, Serviciul Fiscal de Stat

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Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata LIT OCEANS Moldavian company. Was founded on April 8, 2021 with identification number 1021600016007 based on mun. Chişinău, sec. Buiucani, str. Mitropolit Dosoftei, 114, ap.(of.) 6.


NameSocietatea cu Răspundere Limitată LIT OCEANS

Registered Address mun. Chisinau, sec. Buiucani, str. Mitropolit Dosoftei, 114, ap.(of.) 6

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Company activities

Secondary activities (68)
#7 Import and storage of ethyl alcohol; import, storage and wholesale of alcoholic beverages and / or imported beer #8 Manufacture of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic production, beer and / or storage, wholesale of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic production and beer produced by domestic producers #7 Extraction of metal ores #8 Other extractive activities #121 Grape cultivation #124 Cultivation of seeds and stone fruits #125 Cultivation of fruit trees, strawberries, walnuts and other fruit trees #130 Cultivation of plants for propagation #147 Raising birds #161 Ancillary activities for crop production #163 Post-harvest activities #164 Preparation of seeds for sowing #312 Freshwater fishing #322 Freshwater aquaculture #1071 Bread making; manufacture of fresh cakes and pastries #1072 Manufacture of biscuits and biscuits; manufacture of cakes and preserved pastry products #1101 Distillation, refining and mixing of alcoholic beverages #1102 Manufacture of grape wines #1103 Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines #1104 Manufacture of other non - distilled beverages, obtained by fermentation #1105 Beer making #1392 Manufacture of made-up textile articles (except apparel and underwear) #1396 Manufacture of other technical and industrial textile articles #1399 Manufacture of other textiles n.c.a. #4511 Trade in cars and light motor vehicles (less than 3.5 tonnes) #4519 Trade in other motor vehicles #4520 Maintaining and repairing vehicles #4532 Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories #4619 Intermediation in trade in various products #4621 Wholesale of unprocessed grain, seeds, fodder and tobacco #4631 Wholesale of fruit and vegetables #4634 Wholesale of beverages #4642 Wholesale of clothing and footwear #4664 Wholesale of textile machinery and sewing and knitting machines #4669 Wholesale of other machinery and equipment #4676 Wholesale of other intermediate products #4711 Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating #4721 Retail sale of fresh fruit and vegetables in specialized stores #4723 Retail sale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs in specialized stores #4725 Retail sale of beverages in specialized stores #4751 Retail sale of textiles in specialized stores #4764 Retail sale of sports equipment in specialized stores #4771 Retail sale of clothing in specialized stores #4781 Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco products in booths, kiosks and markets #4782 Retail sale of textiles, clothing and footwear in stalls, kiosks and markets #4789 Retail sale via stalls and markets of other products #4791 Retail sale via mail order houses or via the Internet #4799 Retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets #4941 Road transport of goods #5210 storage #5221 Ancillary service activities for land transport #5224 manipulations #5229 Other transport - related activities #5610 restaurants #5621 Event catering activities #5629 Other feeding activities #5630 Bars and other beverage service activities #6820 Renting and operating of own or leased real estate #7711 Rental and leasing of cars and light road vehicles #7712 Rental and leasing of heavy goods vehicles #7721 Rental and leasing of recreational property and sports equipment #7731 Rental and leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment #9311 Sports base activities #9312 Sports club activities #9313 Fitness center activities #9319 Other sports activities #9321 Theme parks (amusement parks) and amusement parks #9329 Other recreational and fun activities n.c.a.
Societatea cu Răspundere Limitată LIT OCEANS

Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata LIT OCEANS


Company Number1021600016007

Incorporation Date 08 Apr 2021

Company TypeLimited liability company

Status Active






  • Ownership - 100%


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