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Societatea cu Răspundere Limitată RECASE IMOBIL

Organization Organization

Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata RECASE IMOBIL

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Company Number1021600025137

Incorporation Date 04 Jun 2021 (2 months ago)

Company TypeLimited liability company


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NameSocietatea cu Răspundere Limitată RECASE IMOBIL

Registered Address mun. Chisinau, sec. Riscani, str. Albisoara, 16, ap.(of.) 61

Status Active






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Company activities

Secondary activities (39)

#3521 Gas production #3522 Distribution of gaseous fuels through pipelines #3523 Sale of gaseous fuels through mains #4120 Construction work for residential and non - residential buildings #4291 Hydro construction #4311 Construction demolition works #4312 Construction site preparation works #4313 Construction drilling and boring works #4321 Electrical works #4322 Technical-sanitary, gas supply, heating and air conditioning works #4329 Other construction installation work #4333 Flooring and wall cladding works #4334 Painting, painting and installation of windows #4511 Trade in cars and light motor vehicles (less than 3.5 tonnes) #4519 Trade in other motor vehicles #4520 Maintaining and repairing vehicles #4531 Wholesale of motor vehicle parts and accessories #4532 Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories #4540 Trade in motorcycles, related parts and accessories; maintenance and repair of motorcycles #4932 Taxi transport #4939 Other land passenger transport n.c.a. #4941 Road transport of goods #4950 Pipeline transport #5021 Sea and coastal freight transport #5040 Inland waterway transport #5510 Hotels and other similar accommodation facilities #5590 Other accommodation services #5610 restaurants #5621 Event catering activities #5629 Other feeding activities #6810 Buying and selling of own real estate #6820 Renting and operating of own or leased real estate #6831 Real estate agency activities #6832 Real estate administration based on tariffs or contract #8559 Other forms of education n.c.a. #9700 Activities of private households as employers of domestic staff #9810 Activities of private households for the production of goods for own consumption #9820 Activities of private households for the production of services for own purposes #9900 Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies


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mun. Chisinau, sec. Riscani, str. Albisoara, 16, ap.(of.) 61


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Sources: Guvernul Republicii Moldova , Serviciul Fiscal de Stat