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Societatea cu Răspundere Limitată RO2R ARCHITECTS

Organization Organization

Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata RO2R ARCHITECTS

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Company Number1021600024934

Incorporation Date 03 Jun 2021 (2 months ago)

Company TypeLimited liability company


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NameSocietatea cu Răspundere Limitată RO2R ARCHITECTS

Registered Address mun. Chisinau, sec. Buiucani, str. Creanga Ion, 13, ap.(of.) 3

Status Active






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Company activities

Secondary activities (51)

#1623 Manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery #2059 Manufacture of other chemical products nec #2060 Manufacture of synthetic and artificial fibers #2223 Manufacture of builders' ware of plastic #2314 Manufacture of glass fibers #2320 Manufacture of refractory products #2349 Manufacture of other ceramic products n.c.a. #2369 Manufacture of other articles of concrete, cement and plaster #2399 Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, n.c.a. #2511 Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures #2591 Manufacture of containers, containers and other similar products of steel #2592 Manufacture of light metal packaging #2593 Manufacture of articles of metal wire; manufacture of chains and springs #2594 Manufacture of screws, bolts and other threaded articles; manufacture of rivets and washers #2599 Manufacture of other fabricated metal products nec #2612 Manufacture of other electronic components #2620 Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment #2740 Manufacture of electric lighting equipment #3101 Manufacture of office and shop furniture #3102 Manufacture of kitchen furniture #3109 Manufacture of furniture n.c.a. #3832 Recovery of sorted recyclable materials #4110 Real estate development (promotion) #4120 Construction work for residential and non - residential buildings #4221 Construction works for utility projects for fluids #4222 Construction work for utility projects for electricity and telecommunications #4299 Construction works of other engineering projects n.c.a. #4311 Construction demolition works #4312 Construction site preparation works #4313 Construction drilling and boring works #4321 Electrical works #4322 Technical-sanitary, gas supply, heating and air conditioning works #4329 Other construction installation work #4331 Plastering work #4332 Joinery and carpentry #4333 Flooring and wall cladding works #4334 Painting, painting and installation of windows #4339 Other finishing works #4391 Roofing, framing and terrace construction work #4399 Other special construction works n.c.a. #6810 Buying and selling of own real estate #6820 Renting and operating of own or leased real estate #6831 Real estate agency activities #6832 Real estate administration based on tariffs or contract #7111 Architectural activities #7112 Engineering activities and related technical consultancy #7410 Specialized design activities #7420 Photographic activities #8130 Landscape maintenance activities #8423 Justice activities #8559 Other forms of education n.c.a.


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mun. Chisinau, sec. Buiucani, str. Creanga Ion, 13, ap.(of.) 3


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Sources: Guvernul Republicii Moldova , Serviciul Fiscal de Stat