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Last updated: Feb 16, 2024

Al-Zaman Union Trade Investment


is not in process of liquidation on Feb 16, 2024

Limited Liability Company

Oman 30 May 2022 (2 years ago)

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NameAl-Zaman Union Trade Investment
Alternative names
  • شركة اتحاد الزمان للتجاره والاستثمار
  • ActiveActive
Company numberCode1425733
Incorporation Date30 May 2022 (2 years ago) / 265 companies with the same date
Subscribed share capital60,000.000
Value of shares1.000
Shares issued60,000.000
Legal formLimited Liability Company
Type of activity
  • Secondary:
  • #951201 - Repair of mobile phones
  • #461003 - Activities of export and import offices
  • #561001 - Restaurants
  • #251105 - Manufacture and installation of metal products made of parts in the same unit used in construction such as doors, windows and their frames, shutters and gates (metal workshops)
  • #960101 - Laundering of all kinds of clothing (including fur) and textiles
  • #452001 - Repair, polishing and painting of motors vehicles
  • #771001 - Rental of Passenger Land Transportation Vehicles without a Driver
  • #477403 - Collection of Plastic, Rubber, Paper and Metal Wastes
  • #452005 - Repair Tires and Rings
  • #492301 - Trucking of Goods and Equipment (Scheduled - Unscheduled)
  • #561007 - Cafés (cafes that offer meals mainly)
  • #452002 - Mechanical repairs of motor vehicle
  • #251106 - Aluminium workshops
  • #773009 - Renting of commercial and professional machinery
  • #162207 - Manufacture of various wooden products (carpentry workshops)
  • #563001 - Cafés (cafes that offer mainly drinks)
  • #552001 - Tourist camps
  • #960201 - Hair trimming and cutting , hairdressing, shaving and beard trimming for men
  • #453003 - Sale of motor vehicle tyres and their accessories

Contact details

Legal addressDhofar Governorate / Salalah / As Sinayat Al Jadidah, Postal Code 211, P.O. Box 202
  • 996*****
  • ati***************
  • oma**************




Atif Nadeem Muhammad Asif Nadeem

Authorized Partner



Saqib Nadeem Muhammad Saif

Limited Liability Partner


Number of shares18000

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Tax information

End date financial year31 December


NumberTypeIssue date
L1902426773009, -, Renting, of, commercial, and, professional, machinery04 Sep 2022
L2138669453003, -, Sale, of, motor, vehicle, tyres, and, their, accessories11 May 2023
L1904889492301, -, Trucking, of, Goods, and, Equipment, (Scheduled, -, Unscheduled)06 Sep 2022

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Al-Zaman Union Trade Investment's headquarters?

Al-Zaman Union Trade Investment's headquarters is located at Dhofar Governorate / Salalah / As Sinayat Al Jadidah, Postal Code 211, P.O. Box 202

What is Al-Zaman Union Trade Investment's industry?

Al-Zaman Union Trade Investment is in the industry of Repair of mobile phones

What year was Al-Zaman Union Trade Investment started?

Al-Zaman Union Trade Investment was started in 2022