Romania QUICK&SAFE FINANCE S.R.L. Inactive



Company Number: 40129676

Registry number: J2/1844/2018

European number: ROONRC.J2/1844/2018


Jurisdiction: Romania

Incorporation Date: 08 Nov 2018 (a year ago)

Registered Address: ARAD, Arad, Str. Dr. Ioan Raţiu, 80

Status: radiată

Licensed activity (0)

No licensed activities

Financial Reports

Year Turnover Profit Debt Fixed assets Current assets Equity Ownership Employees (average no.)
Year 2018 Turnover 6,550 RON Profit 1,894 RON Debt 297 RON Fixed assets 0 RON Current assets 2,391 RON Equity Ownership 2,094 RON Employees (average no.) 0

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Sources: Guvernul României, Ministerul Justiției