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Sources: Єдиний державний веб-портал відкритих даних

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TOV AGROBALANS Ukrainian company. Was founded on July 15, 2020 with identification number 43710567 based on 01015, м.Київ, Голосіївський район, ВУЛИЦЯ МОСКОВСЬКА, будинок 44/1, офіс 17.




Registered Address 01015, m.Kiyiv, Golosiyivskiy rayon, VULICYa MOSKOVSKA, budinok 44/1, ofis 17

Paid share capital 20000 UAH

Method of representation діє на підставі установчих документів, затверджених засновниками (учасниками)


Phone +03806647***** Please register or sign in to see contact information.

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Company activities

Primary activities (1)

#46.90 Non-specialized wholesale trade

Secondary activities (63)

#01.11 Growing of cereals (except rice), legumes and oilseeds #01.12 VEGETABLES, ORNAMENTAL HORTICULTURE AND GROWING OF NURSERY PRODUCTS #01.13 Growing vegetables and melons, roots and tubers #01.14 Growing sugar cane #01.16 Growing of spinning crops #01.19 Growing other annual and biennial crops #01.21 Growing grapes #01.22 BREEDING SHEEP, GOATS, HORSES #01.23 PIG BREEDING #01.24 Growing of stone and stone fruits #01.25 Growing berries, nuts, other fruit trees and shrubs #01.26 Growing oilseeds #01.27 Growing crops for the production of beverages #01.28 Growing spicy, aromatic and medicinal crops #01.29 Growing other perennial crops #01.30 Reproduction of plants #01.41 Breeding of dairy cattle #01.42 Breeding of other cattle and buffaloes #01.43 Breeding of horses and other animals of the equine family #01.45 Breeding of sheep and goats #01.46 Breeding pigs #01.47 Poultry breeding #01.49 Breeding of other animals #01.50 Mixed agriculture #01.61 Ancillary activities in crop production #01.62 Ancillary activities in animal husbandry #01.63 Post-harvest activity #01.64 Seed treatment for reproduction #01.70 Hunting, trapping and related services #10.11 Meat production #10.12 Poultry meat production #10.13 Production of meat products #10.41 Production of oil and animal fats #10.42 Production of margarine and similar edible fats #10.61 Production of flour and cereals industry #10.62 Production of starches and starch products #10.91 Production of ready-made feed for farm animals #20.15 Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds #20.20 Production of pesticides and other agrochemical products #45.20 Maintenance and repair of vehicles #45.31 Wholesale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles #45.32 Retail trade of parts and accessories for motor vehicles #46.11 Activities of intermediaries in trade of agricultural raw materials, live animals, textile raw materials and semi-finished products #46.14 Activities of intermediaries in trade of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft #46.15 Activities of intermediaries in trade of furniture, household goods, iron and other metal products #46.19 Activities of intermediaries in the trade of a wide range of goods #46.21 Wholesale of grain, unmanufactured tobacco, seeds and animal feeds #46.22 Wholesale of flowers and plants #46.23 Wholesale of live animals #46.31 Wholesale of fruit and vegetables #46.32 Wholesale of meat and meat products #46.33 Wholesale of dairy products, eggs, edible oils and fats #46.49 Wholesale of other household goods #46.61 Wholesale of agricultural machinery and equipment #46.74 Wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies #46.75 Wholesale of chemical products #47.21 Retail sale of fruit and vegetables in specialized stores #47.22 Retail sale of meat and meat products in specialized stores #47.29 Retail sale of other food in specialized stores #47.52 Retail sale of hardware, paints and glass in specialized stores #47.91 Retail sale by mail order companies or via the Internet #52.10 Warehousing #52.29 Other supporting activities in the field of transport



Company Number43710567

Incorporation Date 15 Jul 2020


Status registered




  • Paid-up share capital - 20000 UAH

якої іншої грошової винагороди)


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