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TOV TRITONAVTO Ukrainian company. Was founded on July 31, 2020 with identification number 43742324 based on 61022, Харківська обл., місто Харків, Шевченківський район, ПЛОЩА СВОБОДИ, будинок 7, офіс 314.




Registered Address 61022, Harkivska obl., misto Harkiv, Shevchenkivskiy rayon, PLOShchA SVOBODI, budinok 7, ofis 314

Paid share capital 1000 UAH

Method of representation діє на підставі установчих документів, затверджених засновниками (учасниками)


Contact details info@***** Please register or sign in to see contact information.

Phone +3806754***** Please register or sign in to see contact information.

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Company activities

Primary activities (1)

#49.41 Freight road transport

Secondary activities (55)

#42.99 Construction of other buildings, n. in. and. in. #43.11 Demolition #43.12 Preparatory work on the construction site #46.12 Activities of intermediaries in trade of fuel, ores, metals and industrial chemicals #46.18 Activities of intermediaries specializing in trade of other goods #46.19 Activities of intermediaries in the trade of a wide range of goods #77.31 Leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment #77.32 Leasing of construction machinery and equipment #77.33 Rental of office machinery and equipment, including computers #77.39 Leasing of other machinery, equipment and goods. N. in. and. in. #81.10 Comprehensive maintenance of facilities #82.11 Provision of combined office administrative services #82.19 Photocopying, preparation of documents and other specialized ancillary office activities #82.30 Organization of congresses and trade shows #82.99 Provision of other ancillary commercial services, n. in. and. in. #85.60 Ancillary activities in the field of education #93.29 Organization of other types of recreation and entertainment #94.11 Activities of industrialists and entrepreneurs #94.12 Activities of professional public organizations #94.20 Activities of trade unions #94.99 Activities of other public organizations, n. in. and. in. #96.09 Provision of other individual services, n. in. and. in. #46.90 Non-specialized wholesale trade #47.99 Other types of retail sale not in stores #49.42 Provision of transportation services (moving) #52.10 Warehousing #52.24 Transport handling of goods #52.29 Other supporting activities in the field of transport #62.02 Consulting on informatization #62.03 Computer equipment management activities #62.09 Other activities in the field of information technology and computer systems #63.11 Data processing, posting of information on web sites and related activities #63.99 Provision of other information services, n. in. and. in. #66.12 Mediation under securities or commodity agreements #68.20 Leasing and operation of own or leased real estate #68.32 Real estate management for a fee or on a contract basis #69.20 Activities in the field of accounting and auditing; tax advice #70.21 Activities in the field of public relations #70.22 Business and management consultancy activities #71.12 Activities in the field of engineering, geology and geodesy, providing technical consulting services in these areas #73.12 Mediation in advertising in the media #73.20 Market research and identification of public opinion #74.10 Specialized design activities #74.90 Other professional, scientific and technical activities, n. in. and. in. #77.11 Rental of cars and cars #77.12 Rental of trucks #33.17 Repair and maintenance of other vehicles #33.19 Repair and maintenance of other machinery and equipment #38.11 Collection of safe waste #38.12 Collection of hazardous waste #38.21 Treatment and disposal of safe waste #38.22 Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste #38.31 Dismantling (disassembly) of machines and equipment #38.32 Recovery of sorted waste #39.00 Other waste management activities



Company Number43742324

Incorporation Date 31 Jul 2020


Status registered





  • Paid-up share capital - 1000 UAH


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