The KYC process is boring. B2BHint datasets and data visualization technology allows you to comprehend information on the fly – with no extra work required.


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Our mission and values

B2BHint is all about empowering people to find comprehensive information about companies and people they are associated with. We want to make it easier and faster for you to build partnerships with new companies. We want you to eliminate risky / "fly-by-night" companies as well as failed partnerships. Accurate, fast, up-to-date and comprehensive. These are the values that connect our users and our employees at B2BHint.


The Big Bang

B2BHint was created to solve a big problem: finding information and connections between companies around the world. From the moment we opened our first company it was very difficult to find mentions on the Internet, the first information we found after 3 months, and all the information we found was the company name and company number. All of the available sites were slow, inaccurate, and contained outdated information. As we are part of IT community, we knew we could solve this problem and we did!


How did we achieve this?

So in 2019, we're starting to bring B2BHint to life. People from all over the world have loved our product. B2BHint has made it easier to find information about companies and their employees beyond basic information. The algorithms embedded in our platform make it easy to find the right companies and their connections. We also added a lot of features, one of which allows people to fill out a company profile and brand their profile, features like that give people more visibility online. Within a few years, B2BHint started to gain momentum, and there were devoted people all over the world who liked our product.

Where now?

Where are we now?

B2BHint includes more than 100 jurisdictions with cross-border connections. B2BHint is visited by more than 1 million people per month who identify suitable companies for partnerships. B2BHint is by far the most comprehensive company registry in the world. B2BHint helps anyone to save time and build strong partnerships.

Our metrics

107 Million

76.7 Million