B2BHint (and the associated websites) is published by Bear With Me LTD (Registered in Republic Of Moldova, number 1018600037945). The present platform, acts as a social enterprise, the public benefit being put before profit. We enshrine our public benefit mission into our corporate structure, by currently working with advisors and civil society.

B2BHint represents a startup with an open database of companies and their data, with an excess of 100 million companies in similarly large number of jurisdictions. Our primary goal, being the possibility to display companies’ information in a more usable and widely available way for the public benefit. Which in consequence leads to removing the possibility of using the companies for criminal or anti-social purposes (e.g. corruption, money laundering, organized crime, and so on).

The present public mission, is assured thanks to a sustainable business model, which assures that we aren’t dependent on short-term grants, or donations – by charging users for access to the structured data, the public benefit being put in the first place. Thus, we can make all our data available on the website free of use, and similarly make it available for free, as structured data to journalists and NGOs.

By using our tool, you can search not only info about a specific company, but also discover its types of activities, financial reports and other information which can catch your interest, and ensure you if you should make business with the respective company or not.

By the course of time, not only the world has evolved, but the way how businesses are led too, by switching from local areas of affairs, to global ones, and at times like this, when you are dealing with a foreign company, and you are willing to know as much as possible about the respective company. And here we come with B2BHint which comes with an easy method of finding everything you want to know about the company you are interested in, pruning your research time, and extending your productivity time. Thus, it can be freely used as a research tool, for knowing who you are dealing with.

Nowadays, few corporates are limited to a single country, and so appeared the idea of bringing the companies related information together, in a single place, accessible to anyone, free of charge, which B2BHint is.

B2BHint has acquired the database rights, for collecting the present information, and matching it up to other data. But, we strongly believe that this information should be freely reusable, and so make it available (to the limitations of our rights), under the share-alike attribution of the Open Database License.

The site is continuously evolving, obtaining new features with each update. And so, we urge you to give it a try, and who knows, in the future it could be your main driver, for searching information of this kind. So, don’t hesitate and begin using now.

Sincerely, B2BHint Team.