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Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

ICP Special Situations I LP


is inactive

Limited partnership

United Arab Emirates 18 Oct 2016 (7 years ago)

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NameICP Special Situations I LP
  • ActiveDissolved
JurisdictionActiveUnited Arab Emirates
Company numberCode2289
LEI Code
  • 254900EEW10RMKMJW211
Incorporation Date18 Oct 2016 (7 years ago) / 119 companies with the same date
Date dissolved24 Nov 2021 (2 years ago)
Legal formLimited partnership
Type of activity



IndividualUnited Arab Emirates

Icp Special Situations Gp Limited

General partner

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Identification numbers

Data from the LEI register
  • 254900EEW10RMKMJW211
  • Legal nameICP Special Situations I LP
  • Registration date19 Oct 2017
  • StatusActiveExpired
  • IssuerActiveBloomberg Finance L.P.
  • Last updated25 Mar 2022
  • Next renewal10 Sep 2020

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Frequently asked questions

What is ICP Special Situations I LP's industry?

ICP Special Situations I LP is in the industry of Investment Fund

What year was ICP Special Situations I LP started?

ICP Special Situations I LP was started in 2016

What is the LEI number of ICP Special Situations I LP?

ICP Special Situations I LP LEI number is 254900EEW10RMKMJW211

Sources: DIFC - The Leading International Financial Hub