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Last updated: Feb 01, 2024
cargoGO Logistics

cargoGO Logistics


is not in process of liquidation on Feb 1, 2024

Private Limited Liability Company

Lithuania 07 May 2009 (15 years ago)

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NameUAB "cargoGO Logistics"
Brand NamecargoGO Logistics
  • ActiveNo legal proceedings
Registration numberCode302337649
LEI Code
  • 8945005FZV5JUX1DV849
Incorporation Date07 May 2009 (15 years ago) / 32 companies with the same date
Authorized capital494466.6 Eur
Legal formPrivate Limited Liability Company

Contact details

Legal addressVilnius, Laisvės pr. 10, LT-04215
  • car*******
  • +37************

Financial reports

YearNet salesNet profitFixed assetsOther
202158,081,278 EUR
1,958,243 EUR
3,128,744 EUR
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202035,517,361 EUR
1,603,375 EUR
539,746 EUR
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201925,440,128 EUR
964,728 EUR
161,608 EUR
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BrandModelRegistration date
VOLVOFH11 Jan 2022
WIELTONPC2P23 Jul 2019
SCANIAR45015 Nov 2019

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Identification numbers

Data from the LEI register
  • 8945005FZV5JUX1DV849
  • Legal nameUAB "cargoGO Logistics"
  • Registration date09 Jan 2023
  • StatusActiveExpired
  • IssuerActiveEQS Group AG
  • Last updated10 Jan 2024
  • Next renewal09 Jan 2024

Frequently asked questions

Where is cargoGO Logistics's headquarters?

cargoGO Logistics's headquarters is located at Vilnius, Laisvės pr. 10, LT-04215

What year was cargoGO Logistics started?

cargoGO Logistics was started in 2009

What is the LEI number of cargoGO Logistics?

cargoGO Logistics LEI number is 8945005FZV5JUX1DV849

How much does cargoGO Logistics generate in sales?

cargoGO Logistics's sales is $68,672,541

How much profit does cargoGO Logistics make?

cargoGO Logistics's profit is $2,315,333

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