MB "Olanda"

MB "Olanda"

Activeis not in process of liquidation on Feb 1, 2023


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NameMB "Olanda"
  • ActiveNo legal proceedings
BarcodeRegistration number304543861
Incorporation Date31 May 2017 (6 years ago) (37 companies with the same date)
Legal formSmall Partnership

Contact details

Legal addressKaunas Savanorių pr. 276-44

Financial reports

YearNet salesNet profitFixed assets
2021445,934 EUR
28,789 EUR
16,285 EUR
2020179,376 EUR
-5,432 EUR
18,972 EUR
201911,505 EUR
-1,335 EUR
24,612 EUR
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Frequently asked questions

Where is MB "Olanda"'s headquarters?

MB "Olanda"'s headquarters is located at Kaunas Savanorių pr. 276-44

What year was MB "Olanda" started?

MB "Olanda" was started in 2017

How much does MB "Olanda" generate in sales?

MB "Olanda"'s sales is $527,251

How much profit does MB "Olanda" make?

MB "Olanda"'s profit is $34,039

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