MB "Rekmanta"

MB "Rekmanta"

Activeis not in process of liquidation on Nov 1, 2022

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NameMB "Rekmanta"
  • ActiveNo legal proceedings
BarcodeRegistration number303087077
Incorporation Date18 Jun 2013 (9 years ago) (60 companies with the same date)
Legal formSmall Partnership

Contact details

Legal addressRadviliškio r. sav. Radviliškio m. Maironio g. 1

Financial reports

YearNet salesNet profitFixed assets
20204,521 EUR
2,930 EUR
182 EUR
201915,847 EUR
-13,815 EUR
16,322 EUR
201840,171 EUR
-8,113 EUR
27,423 EUR
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Frequently asked questions

Where is MB "Rekmanta"'s headquarters?

MB "Rekmanta"'s headquarters is located at Radviliškio r. sav. Radviliškio m. Maironio g. 1

What year was MB "Rekmanta" started?

MB "Rekmanta" was started in 2013

How much does MB "Rekmanta" generate in sales?

MB "Rekmanta"'s sales is $5,155

How much profit does MB "Rekmanta" make?

MB "Rekmanta"'s profit is $3,341

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