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أوتاد صور للاعمال


is not in process of liquidation on Jun 1, 2023

Sole Proprietor Company

Oman 03 Jan 2022 (a year ago)

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Nameأوتاد صور للاعمال
  • ActiveActive
Company numberCode1406273
Incorporation Date03 Jan 2022 (a year ago) / 166 companies with the same date
Subscribed share capital25,000.000
Value of shares1.000
Shares issued25,000.000
Legal formSole Proprietor Company
Type of activity
  • Secondary:
  • #475303 - Retail sale in specialized stores of wallpaper and floor coverings
  • #452007 - Service stations of washing and lubrication of motor vehicle
  • #410001 - Construction of buildings (general constructions of residential and non-residential buildings)
  • #239601 - Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone for use in construction, in cemeteries, on roads, as roofing etc.
  • #612002 - Mintenance of the networks
  • #475206 - Retail sale in specialized stores of decorative products (décor), industrial roofing and insulation materials
  • #812100 - General cleaning of buildings
  • #772904 - Renting of tents
  • #960104 - Dry-cleaning and pressing of clothing
  • #310006 - Upholstery of mattresses, chairs and seats
  • #432101 - Electrical Installations Work.
  • #829905 - Calligraphers
  • #477202 - Retail sale in specialized stores of perfumes, cosmetics, toilet soap and bakhoor
  • #477101 - Retail sale in specialized stores of ready-made garments
  • #461003 - Activities of export and import offices
  • #452001 - Repair, polishing and painting of motors vehicles
  • #477102 - Retail sale in specialized stores of footwear

Contact details

Legal addressSouth Al Sharqiya Governorate / Sur / Sur, Postal Code 411
  • san**********************
  • 911*****




Omar Rashid Ali Hamed Al-gheilani

Limited Liability Partner


Number of shares25000

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Tax information

End date financial year12 December


NumberTypeIssue date
L1912550310006, -, Upholstery, of, mattresses,, chairs, and, seats13 Sep 2022
L2018043477101, -, Retail, sale, in, specialized, stores, of, ready-made, garments03 Jan 2023
L2135169812100, -, General, cleaning, of, buildings09 May 2023

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Frequently asked questions

Where is أوتاد صور للاعمال's headquarters?

أوتاد صور للاعمال's headquarters is located at South Al Sharqiya Governorate / Sur / Sur, Postal Code 411

What is أوتاد صور للاعمال's industry?

أوتاد صور للاعمال is in the industry of Retail sale in specialized stores of wallpaper and floor coverings

What year was أوتاد صور للاعمال started?

أوتاد صور للاعمال was started in 2022