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زهور النخبه


is not in process of liquidation on Jun 1, 2023

Individual Firm / Merchant

Oman 15 Dec 2021 (a year ago)

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Nameزهور النخبه
  • ActiveActive
Company numberCode1404270
Incorporation Date15 Dec 2021 (a year ago) / 148 companies with the same date
Subscribed share capital5.000
Legal formIndividual Firm / Merchant
Type of activity
  • Secondary:
  • #521002 - Goods warehouses
  • #475207 - Retail sale in specialized stores of construction materials
  • #105005 - Manufacture of ice cream and other edible ice
  • #475904 - Retail sale in specialized stores of various household tools and utensils
  • #563001 - Cafés (cafes that offer mainly drinks)
  • #561001 - Restaurants
  • #472106 - Retail sale in specialized stores of nuts, coffee, spices and perfumery
  • #561007 - Cafés (cafes that offer meals mainly)
  • #471102 - Central markets and the like
  • #463010 - Wholesale of miscellaneous food products (including drinks)
  • #463005 - Wholesale of sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa, spices and salt
  • #103004 - Drying and packing of dates, grapes, fig and manufacturing of their products
  • #561006 - Stalls or vendors selling corn
  • #472101 - Retail sale in specialized stores of fresh fruit, vegetables and dates
  • #471103 - Groceries

Contact details

Legal addressSouth Al Batinah Governorate / Nakhal / Nakhal, Postal Code 320, P.O. Box 111
  • kah********************
  • 901*****

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Tax information

End date financial year31 December


NumberTypeIssue date
L1673993475207, -, Retail, sale, in, specialized, stores, of, construction, materials16 Dec 2021
L2144261561007, -, Cafés, (cafes, that, offer, meals, mainly), 563001, -, Cafés, (cafes, that, offer, mainly, drinks)17 May 2023
L1674007521002, -, Goods, warehouses16 Dec 2021

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Frequently asked questions

Where is زهور النخبه's headquarters?

زهور النخبه's headquarters is located at South Al Batinah Governorate / Nakhal / Nakhal, Postal Code 320, P.O. Box 111

What is زهور النخبه's industry?

زهور النخبه is in the industry of Goods warehouses

What year was زهور النخبه started?

زهور النخبه was started in 2021