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Last updated: Sep 01, 2023

Compensa Services


is inactive

Public Limited Liability Company

Lithuania 21 Dec 2011 (12 years ago)

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NameAB "Compensa Services"
Brand NameCompensa Services
  • ActiveInactive
Registration numberCode302701871
Incorporation Date21 Dec 2011 (12 years ago) / 52 companies with the same date
Date dissolved16 Nov 2020 (3 years ago)
Legal formPublic Limited Liability Company

Contact details

Legal addressVilniaus m. sav. Vilniaus m. Ukmergės g. 280

Financial reports

YearNet salesNet profitFixed assetsOther
201910,982,057 EUR
61,083 EUR
2,495,096 EUR
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201810,750,314 EUR
-97,448 EUR
1,599,233 EUR
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20179,133,523 EUR
-158,908 EUR
870,714 EUR
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Court cases

Case numberDateParticipantsDocument
2A-10-544/201922 Mar 2019

atsakovas - Compensa Services


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Frequently asked questions

Where is Compensa Services's headquarters?

Compensa Services's headquarters is located at Vilniaus m. sav. Vilniaus m. Ukmergės g. 280

What year was Compensa Services started?

Compensa Services was started in 2011

How much does Compensa Services generate in sales?

Compensa Services's sales is $12,298,033

How much profit does Compensa Services make?

Compensa Services's profit is $68,403

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