Companies grouped by economic activity codes


Abattoir and Meat Selling Services (901) Accounting / Auditing, Taxation and Financial Management Consultancy (3879) Activities auxiliary to financial services and insurance activities (398) Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies (166) Activities of head officies;management consultancy activities (666) Activities of households as employers of domestic personnel (266) Activities of membership organizations (10023) Advertising and Marketing Services (4490) Advertising and market research (479) Agricultural Engineering (4442) Air transport (338) Aluminum Manufacturing, Works, Sales and Fittings (5001) Ambulance Services (166) Animal Husbandry Services (2644) Automobile Repairs/Mechanical Services (4834)


Beauty and Salon Services (9704) Block Industry (1265) Boat and Canoe Construction (27) Brewery Services (154) Bricklaying/Masonary Services (22203) Building Works (4862)


Carpentry/Upholstery services (1093) Catering Services (8706) Chemist/Nursing home (404) Cinematography / Theaters Services (324) Civil engineering (3110) Clearing and Forwarding Services (2890) Clinic and Maternity Home (4894) COMMUNITY BASED ASSOCIATION (2093) Company Secretarial Services (109) Computer programming, consultancy and related activities (4506) Construction of buildings (6904)


Deal in Wines, Drinks and Beverages (3056)


Educational Services and Consultancy (7184) Electrical Engineering Services (2104) Electrical Services (3003) Electricity,gas,stream & air conditioning supply (310) Employment activities (157) Employment Agency (160) Engineering Services (9473) Entertainment Services (6167) Events Managements/Planning (2369) Extraction of Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas (235)


Farming (38468) Fashion Designing/ Tailoring Services (21967) Fish Farming/Aquaculture (2202) Fishing & Aquaculture (811) Food and beverages services activities (12443) Forestry & Logging (121) Fruits / Fruit Juice Production and Sales (432) Fumigation and Pest Control Services (324)


Gambling and betting activities (390) GENERAL CONTRACT AND MERCHANDISE (217604) General Merchandise (75197) Geosciences Services (561) Glass Works (71) Graphic Designing (1038)


Hotel/Hospitality Services (9373) Human health activities (2740) Human Resources Management and Development Services (1477)


ICT Training and Consultancy (5168) Import and Export of General Goods (14936) Industrial and Safety Equipment Services (146) Industrial Cleaning Services (298) INSURANCE (226) INSURANCE CONSULTANCY SERVICES (98) Insurance, reinsurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security. (7070) Internet Services (1711) IT Others (10491)


Land transport and transport via pipelines (521) Laundry Services (4489) Leather Works/Tannery Services (458) Legal Practice and Consultancy (7742) Legislative Consultancy (37) Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities (16) Library Services (50) Livestock Feeds Production and Distribution (477) Lubricant / Oil Services (213)


Maintenance and Repair of Refrigerator and Air Condition (157) Management Consultancy Services (2743) Manufacture of basic metals (618) Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations (293) Manufacture of beverages (300) Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products (1102) Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products (37) Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products (81) Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment (187) Manufacture of food products (9577) Manufacture of furniture (826) Manufacture of leather and related products (310) Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e,c (119) Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (97) Manufacture of other non-metallic material products (83) Manufacture of other transport equipment (22) Manufacture of paper and paper products (110) Manufacture of rubber and plastic products (210) Manufacture of textiles (233) Manufacture of wearing apparel (658) MANUFACTURERS' REPRESENTATION, IMPORT, EXPORT AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE (5977) Manufacturing of Plastic Products (107) Marketing Services (6762) Mechanical Works (516) Milling and Grinding Services (982) Mining of coal and lignite (124) Mining of metal ores (243) Mining Support Services Activities (414) Modeling Services (1822) Montessori Training (31) Mortuary and Funeral Services (49) Music Production (1514)


Office administrative,office support and other business support activities (724) Oil and Gas Services (12000) Operate Bible College (743) Operate Computer Training School (68) Operate Confectionery Shop (230) Operate Departmental Stores (169) Operate Fast Food Outlet (182) Operate Nursery and Primary School (2906) Operate Supermarkets (4046) Other mining and Quarrying (274) Other personal services activities (25983) Other professional,Scientific and technical activities (1717)


PAINTING (6683) Painting Services (929) Parks and Recreation Services (112) Perfumery Services (22444) Pharmaceutical Services (7234) Photography Services (2339) Plastic Manufacturing Services (433) Plumbing Services (529) Poultry Services (3541) Printing and reproduction of recorded media (856) PRINTING PRESS (2270) Production and sale of cooking or edible Oil (343) Production and Sale of Tiles and Ceramic Products (123) Production and Sales of Footwear (308) Production, Supply, Sale and Installation of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (658) Property Development Services (6237) Public administration and defence; complusory social security (38) Publication of Law Reports and Journals (32) Publishing activities (2300)


Radio and Television Services (661) Real estate activities. (10485) Remediation activities and other waste management services (67) Rental and leasing activities (533) Repair and installation of machinery and equipment (265) Repair of Computers and personal and household goods (251) Residential care activities (76) Restaurant (2645) Retail trade, except of motor vehicle and motorcycles. (589) Road Transportation services (2239)


Sale and Distribution of Textile Materials (1329) Sale and Manufacturing Cosmetics (1577) Sale and Supply of Cameras, Projectors, and Photography Accessories (62) Sale/Distribution of Petroleum Products (825) Sale of Agricultural Produce (2400) Sale of Agricultural Tools, Machine & Allied Products (696) Sale of Animals (72) Sale of Computer, Laptops, Printers, Photocopies and their accessories (1475) Sale of Engineering Equipment, Machinery and Other Hardware (239) Sale of Motor Vehicle, Motorcycles and Other Automobile Products (3448) Sale of Petroleum Products (529) Sale of Sports Equipment (120) Sale of Telecommunication Accessories (501) Sales and Supply of Hospital Optical and Laboratory Equipment (555) Sales of Automobiles and Spare Parts (2321) Sales of Books and Stationeries (450) Sawmilling Services (80) Sea Transport (190) Security and investigation activities (1223) Service to building and landscape activities (756) Sewerage (21) SOCIAL CLUBS BASED ASSOCIATION (853) Social work activities without accommodation (140) SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT (775) Software Development, Web Design and Intranet Development (1905) Solar Energy (2074) Specialized construction activities (535) Sport activities and amusement and recreation activities (900) SPORTING BASED ASSOCIATION (195) Sport Promotion Services (759) Supply of Iron Scraps and Metals (92) Supply of Unskilled Labour (25) Supply, Sale and Distribution of Building Materials (2402)


Telecommunications (3002) Travel Agency (1328) Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation services and related activities (4125) Truck and Haulage services (1634)


Undifferentiated goods-and services-producing activities of private households for own use (192) UNSPECIFIED (992715)


Verterinary activities (503) Video CD Rental Services (21) Vocational Education and Training Services (424) Vulcanizing Services (24)


Warehousing and support activities for tranportation (228) Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities: material recovery (535) Water collection treatment and supply (660) Water transport (121)