Activities of collection agencies and credit reporting bureaus (466) Activities of employment agencies (4518) Advertising agency activities (16388) Activities of news agencies (215) Activities of travel agencies (4189) Activities of insurance agents and brokers (7573) Activities of other organizations n.c.a. (126) Activities of the central bank (national) (18) Activities of nursing homes and homes for the disabled (262) Activities of mental recovery and detoxification centers, excluding hospitals (40) Activities of directorates (central), centralized administrative offices (563) Activities of pension funds (except those of the public social security system) (53) Activities of private households for the production of goods and services for own consumption (12) Activities of private households for the production of services for own purposes (16) Activities of private households as employers of domestic staff (127) Activities of zoos, botanicals and nature reserves (10) Activities of economic and employers' organizations (30) Activities of professional organizations (41) Activities of religious organizations (13) Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies (44) Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding (3352) Ancillary activities for animal husbandry (274) Ancillary activities for crop production (3872) Architectural activities (9598) Accounting and financial audit activities; tax consultancy (16753) Artistic creation activities (1947) Artistic performance activities (shows) (3000) Audio recording activities and music editing activities (1020) Ancillary service activities for mineral extraction (78) Ancillary service activities for land transport (1962) Agents involved in the sale of timber and building materials (4468) Agents involved in the sale of furniture, household goods and hardware (1098) Agents involved in the sale of food, beverages and tobacco (2919) Agents involved in the sale of textiles, fur clothing, footwear and leather goods (2066) Aluminum metallurgy (72) Air freight (196) Air passenger transport (432)


Business and management consultancy activities (47721) Book editing activities (1949) Body maintenance activities (4110) Bars and other beverage service activities (29965) Buying and selling your own real estate (9582) Beer making (120) Bread making; manufacture of fresh cakes and pastries (11483) Binding and related services (513) Body production for motor vehicles; manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers (219)


Call center activities (992) Combined secretarial activities (1609) Computer game editing activities (334) Compulsory social protection activities (22) Custom software development activities (customer oriented software) (15167) Combined support service activities (394) Coin minting (10) Collection of non-hazardous waste (2269) Collection of plants and fruits of spontaneous flora (excluding wood) (219) Construction of sports and leisure boats (143) Construction of bridges and tunnels (200) Cultivation of other non-permanent plants (475) Cultivation of other permanent plants (238) Cultivation of fruit trees, strawberries, walnuts and other fruit trees (1525) Cultivation of cereals (excluding rice), leguminous plants and oilseeds (13772) Cultivation of spices, aromatic, medicinal and pharmaceutical plants (201) Cultivation of citrus fruits (54) Cultivation of oilseeds (28) Cultivation of seeds and stone fruits (575) Cultivation of tropical and subtropical fruits (42) Cultivation of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers (3190) Cultivation of plants for fiber (87) Cultivation of plants for propagation (520) Cultivation of plants for the preparation of beverages (43) Cane cultivation (62) Concrete manufacturing (490) Cement manufacturing (22) Cultural education (languages, music, theater, dance, fine arts, and other fields) (1316) Cold rolling of narrow strips (17) Construction works of other engineering projects n.c.a. (4019) Construction work for residential and non - residential buildings (75212) Construction work for utility projects for electricity and telecommunications (751) Construction works for utility projects for fluids (1334) Construction demolition works (1417) Construction drilling and boring works (567) Copper metallurgy (13) Caravan parks, campsites and camps (1008) Car repair (2043) Cold drawing of the bars (18) Cold wire drawing (14) Casting of other non-ferrous metals (77) Cast iron casting (117) Casting of light non-ferrous metals (206) Casting steel (38)


Dental care activities (7990) Daily care activities for children (479) Decontamination activities and services (197) Disassembly (disassembly) of obsolete machines and equipment for material recovery (959) Distillation, refining and mixing of alcoholic beverages (383) Distribution of gaseous fuels through pipelines (96) Data processing, web page administration and related activities (6312) Driving schools (piloting) (2379)


Event catering activities (2203) Editing of other software products (2781) Editing of guides, compendiums, mailing lists and the like (123) Engineering activities and related technical consultancy (22044) External service activities (15) Educational support service activities (523) Electricity trading (360) Electricity distribution (95) Extraction of other non - ferrous metal ores (109) Extraction of minerals for the chemical industry and natural fertilizers (20) Extraction of ferrous ores (19) Extraction of crude oil (72) Extraction of ornamental and building stone, extraction of limestone, gypsum, chalk and slate (693) Electrical works (10999) Electricity production (4593) Electricity transport (45)


Fitness center activities (2052) Fund management activities (60) Financial transaction intermediation activities (1010) Fire - fighting and prevention activities (176) Funeral and related activities (1524) Freshwater aquaculture (1237) Fairgrounds and amusement parks (423) Flat glass manufacturing (50) Financial leasing (178) Flooring and wall cladding works (4381) Freshwater fishing (432) Flat glass processing and shaping (624) Fabric production (246) Forestry and other forestry activities (3332) Freight transport by rail (204)


General medical care activities (3790) Gambling and betting activities (2759) General (non-specialized) building cleaning activities (5350) Grape cultivation (584) Gravel and sand extraction; clay and kaolin extraction (1502) General secondary education (20) General mechanics operations (2551) Gas production (42) General public administration services (50)


Health care center activities (110) Holding activities (971) Hospital care activities (562) Hairdressing and other beauty treatment (15001) Hazardous waste collection (218) Hydro construction (522) Holiday and short-term accommodation facilities (4992) Hotels and other similar accommodation facilities (5362) Hazardous waste treatment and disposal (146) Hunting, trapping of game and service activities ancillary to hunting (164)


IT consultancy activities (6524) Insurance risk and damage assessment activities (424) Investigation activities (616) Ice cream making (419) Installation of industrial machines and equipment (1005) Intermediation in trade in fuels, ores, metals and chemicals for industry (1412) Intermediation in trade in machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft (1899) Intermediation in trade in agricultural raw materials, live animals, textile raw materials and semi - finished goods (1482) Intermediation in trade in various products (19983) Intermediation in trade specialized in the sale of specific products, n.c.a. (3514) Inland waterway transport (286) Inland waterway passenger transport (713) Intercity passenger transport by rail (88)


Justice activities (29) Joinery and carpentry (5729)


Library and archive activities (425) Life insurance activities (117) Landscape maintenance activities (2216) Legal activities (762) Logging (5822) Lower coal extraction (PCS <23865 kJ / kg) (60) Leasing with intangible assets (exclusively financial) (73) Land preparation works (2542)


Museum activities (45) Motion picture, video and television program distribution activities (147) Magazine and periodical publishing activities (1001) Management activities (management and operation) of the means of calculation (1004) Motion picture, video and television post - production activities (376) Motion picture, video and television production activities (3965) Market research and public opinion polling activities (2650) Mixed farm activities (vegetable cultivation combined with animal husbandry) (2649) Marine aquaculture (62) Management of financial markets (52) Manufacture of other wearing apparel (excl. Underwear) (8636) Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories n.c.a. (1763) Manufacture of other articles of concrete, cement and plaster (491) Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard n.c.a. (302) Manufacture of other fabricated metal products nec (1204) Manufacture of other textiles n.c.a. (786) Manufacture of other non - distilled beverages, obtained by fermentation (66) Manufacture of other electronic components (206) Manufacture of other electrical equipment (332) Manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery (3667) Manufacture of other electrical and household wires and cables (86) Manufacture of other general purpose machinery n.c.a. (294) Manufacture of other specific machinery and equipment n.c.a. (315) Manufacture of other machine tools n.c.a. (154) Manufacture of other means of transport n.c.a. (17) Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles and motor vehicles (579) Manufacture of other food products nec (760) Manufacture of other ceramic products n.c.a. (63) Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals (108) Manufacture of other chemical products nec (353) Manufacture of other basic organic chemicals (197) Manufacture of other rubber products (443) Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials (2491) Manufacture of other plastic products (1155) Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, n.c.a. (189) Manufacture of other manufacturing products n.c.a. (1790) Manufacture of other technical ceramic products (19) Manufacture of wooden packaging (578) Manufacture of light metal packaging (60) Manufacture of starch and starch products (84) Manufacture of tires and inner tubes; retreading and repairing tires (255) Manufacture of electrical control and distribution apparatus (311) Manufacture of weapons and ammunition (38) Manufacture of ceramic articles for household and ornamental use (340) Manufacture of plastic packing goods (1100) Manufacture of hardware (285) Manufacture of leather apparel (389) Manufacture of workwear (879) Manufacture of stationery (224) Manufacture of travel and leather goods and harness (754) Manufacture of articles of fur (122) Manufacture of articles of metal wire; manufacture of chains and springs (388) Manufacture of builders' ware of plastic (3380) Manufacture of glassware (298) Manufacture of sporting goods (139) Manufacture of road transport vehicles (72) Manufacture of jewelery and related articles of metal and precious stones (683) Manufacture of biscuits and biscuits; manufacture of cakes and preserved pastry products (1018) Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment (638) Manufacture of bricks, tiles and other construction products, of burnt clay (311) Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms (17) Manufacture of cellulose (32) Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines (21) Manufacture of glues (29) Manufacture of dyes and pigments (51) Manufacture of spices and ingredients (150) Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and burners (95) Manufacture of accumulators and batteries (23) Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft (63) Manufacture of household appliances (110) Manufacture of made-up textile articles (except apparel and underwear) (2473) Manufacture of underwear (623) Manufacture of taps and fittings (72) Manufacture of technical and industrial textile articles (110) Manufacture of bicycles and invalid vehicles (44) Manufacture of fiber optic cables (26) Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures (6831) Manufacture of carpets and rugs (83) Manufacture of non-electrical household appliances (47) Manufacture of electric lighting equipment (231) Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles and motor vehicles (146) Manufacture of equipment for radiology, electrodiagnostics and electrotherapy (123) Manufacture of veneer and wood panels (416) Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment (292) Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measurement, verification, control, navigation (306) Manufacture of prepared meals (335) Manufacture of footage by knitting or crocheting (89) Manufacture of furniture n.c.a. (6417) Manufacture of office and shop furniture (2355) Manufacture of kitchen furniture (656) Manufacture of hydraulic motors (201) Manufacture of engines and turbines (except for aircraft, motor vehicles and motorcycles) (382) Manufacture of motorcycles (21) Manufacture of ceramic sanitary ware (37) Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting (60) Manufacture of pumps and compressors (90) Manufacture of abrasive products (55) Manufacture of refractory products (71) Manufacture of containers, containers and other similar products of steel (68) Manufacture of mattresses and mattresses (153) Manufacture of technical glassware (55) Manufacture of screws, bolts and other threaded articles; manufacture of rivets and washers (162) Manufacture of nonwovens and articles thereof, except apparel (100) Manufacture of doors and windows of metal (1900) Manufacture of connection devices for electrical and electronic wires and cables (57) Manufacture of communications equipment (186) Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment (493) Manufacture of ventilation and refrigeration equipment, excluding household equipment (245) Manufacture of explosives (72) Manufacture of glass fibers (116) Manufacture of synthetic and artificial fibers (29) Manufacture of industrial gases (190) Manufacture of paper and paperboard (144) Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard and of paper and paperboard packaging (832) Manufacture of imitation jewelery and related articles (267) Manufacture of footwear (3019) Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen products (78) Manufacture of musical instruments (112) Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating parts (13) Manufacture of games and toys (356) Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearboxes and mechanical transmission elements (112) Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar flour products (231) Manufacture of margarine and similar edible products (20) Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (excluding manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment) (81) Manufacture of machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry (127) Manufacture of portable power tools (37) Manufacture of plastics in primary forms (189) Manufacture of rolling stock (106) Manufacture of brooms and brushes (104) Mortar manufacturing (52) Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers and electricity distribution and control apparatus (294) Manufacture of parquet assembled in panels (153) Manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics (toilet) (328) Manufacture of pesticides and other agrochemicals (91) Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles (684) Manufacture of ceramic tiles and slabs (132) Manufacture of homogenised food preparations and dietetic foods (79) Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations (214) Manufacture of pet food (63) Manufacture of preparations for animal feed (349) Manufacture by knitting or crocheting other articles of clothing (667) Manufacture by knitting or crocheting stockings and haberdashery (238) Manufacture of coke oven products (32) Manufacture of milling products (2073) Manufacture of cutting products (47) Manufacture of household and sanitary products, of paper or paperboard (505) Manufacture of asbestos-cement products (11) Manufacture of concrete products for construction (1849) Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery (574) Manufacture of meat products (including poultry) (785) Manufacture of plaster products for construction (81) Manufacture of tobacco products (45) Manufacture of consumer electronics (107) Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products (104) Manufacture of dairy products and cheese (1011) Manufacture of metal products obtained by plastic deformation; powder metallurgy (462) Manufacture of crude oil products (148) Manufacture of soaps, detergents and care products (436) Manufacture of electronic components (modules) (297) Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juices (420) Manufacture of essential oils (51) Manufacture of oils and fats (405) Manufacture of tools (186) Manufacture of machinery for mining and quarrying (141) Manufacture of machinery for the paper and board industry (16) Manufacture of machinery for textiles, clothing and leather (45) Manufacture of metallurgical machinery (39) Manufacture of plastics and rubber processing machinery (24) Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing (161) Manufacture of metalworking machinery and machine tools (200) Manufacture of lime and plaster (83) Manufacture of grape wines (435) Manufacture of paints, varnishes, printing inks and putties (511) Mutual funds and other similar financial entities (11) Management of monuments, historic buildings and other tourist attractions (114) Maintaining and repairing vehicles (22496) manipulations (486) Meat production and preservation (1321) Moving services (264) Media representation services (1624)


National defense activities (10) Newspaper publishing activities (1092) Non-specialized wholesale trade (15924) Non-specialized wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco (7160) Natural gas extraction (23) Non-university higher education (21)


Organizing activities for exhibitions, fairs and congresses (2121) Other transport - related activities (3416) Other activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding activities (1330) Other feeding activities n.c.a. (1553) Other insurance activities (except life insurance) (293) Other social work activities, with accommodation n.c.a. (67) Other social work activities, without accommodation, n.c.a. (102) Other lending activities (4023) Other cleaning activities n.c.a. (1809) Other editing activities (927) Other monetary intermediation activities (161) Other information service activities n.c.a. (881) Other service activities n.c.a. (3593) Other information technology service activities (3956) Other business support service activities n.c.a. (10969) Other telecommunications activities (2686) Other printing activities n.c.a. (3796) Other extractive activities n.c.a. (85) Other postal and courier activities (3067) Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.c.a. (7390) Other recreational and fun activities n.c.a. (7182) Other human health activities (5663) Other sports activities (1366) Other forms of education n.c.a. (6126) Other financial intermediation n.c.a. (635) Other finishing works (2498) Other construction installation work (2839) Other special construction works n.c.a. (8264) Other accommodation services (4531) Other employment services (1822) Other reservation services and tourist assistance (984) Other land passenger transport n.c.a. (8265)


Packaging activities (778) Public relations and communication consultancy activities (2165) Photocopying, document preparation and other specialized secretarial activities (2048) Performance hall management activities (101) Public order and civil protection activities (50) Protection and guard activities (3236) Post-harvest activities (91) Photographic activities (5319) Postal activities carried out under the obligation of universal service (89) Peat extraction and agglomeration (17) Preschool education (567) Primary education (157) Plastering work (1070) Painting, painting and installation of windows (3943) Preparation of fibers and spinning of textile fibers (170) Preparation of seeds for sowing (57) Processing and preserving of poultry meat (173) Processing and preserving of potatoes (76) Processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables (933) Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs (116) Production of other non-ferrous metals (39) Production of non-alcoholic soft drinks; production of mineral waters and other bottled waters (1021) Production of watches (21) Production of medical and laboratory devices, apparatus and instruments (2006) Production of ferrous metals in primary forms and ferro-alloys (152) Production of cold-formed profiles (231) Production of radiators and boilers for central heating (193) Production of metal tanks, cisterns and containers (127) Production of tubes, pipes, tubular profiles and fittings therefor, of steel (77) Production of steam generators (excluding boilers for central heating) (40) Production of precious metals (44) Production of lead, zinc and tin (19) Preparatory services for preprinting (514) Printing newspapers (214) Pipeline transport (43)


Recruitment of temporary staff (1612) Radio broadcasting activities (571) Rental and leasing of other personal and household goods n.c.a. (595) Rental and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods (963) Rental and leasing of cars and light road vehicles (2424) Rental and leasing of heavy road vehicles (474) Rental and leasing of recreational property and sports equipment (524) Rental and leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment (197) Rental and leasing of office machinery and equipment (including computers) (229) Rental and leasing of air transport machinery and equipment (22) Rental and leasing of water transport machinery and equipment (37) Rental and leasing of construction machinery and equipment (1350) Reinsurance activities (56) Real estate management on a commission or contract basis (2943) Real estate agencies (14164) Research and development in other natural sciences and engineering (1462) Research and development in biotechnology (301) Research and development in social sciences and humanities (483) Retail sale of other new goods in specialized stores (9280) Retail sale of other food in specialized stores (5161) Retail sale of hardware, glass and paint in specialized stores (4883) Retail sale of medical and orthopedic goods in specialized stores (1566) Retail sale of household goods in specialized stores (1607) Retail sale of beverages in specialized stores (2065) Retail sale of second-hand goods in stores (5396) Retail sale of computers, peripheral units and software in specialized stores (2814) Retail sale of automotive fuel in specialized stores (2637) Retail sale of meat and meat products in specialized stores (2862) Retail sale of books in specialized stores (1008) Retail sale of watches and jewelery in specialized stores (1524) Retail sale of carpets, rugs, wall and floor coverings in specialized stores (605) Retail sale of magnetic disks and tapes with or without audio / video recording in specialized stores (247) Retail sale of sports equipment in specialized stores (993) Retail sale of audio / video equipment in specialized stores (710) Retail sale of telecommunications equipment in specialized stores (1435) Retail sale of flowers, plants and seeds, retail sale of pets and food in specialized stores (4959) Retail sale of fresh fruit and vegetables in specialized stores (4488) Retail sale of clothing in specialized stores (19457) Retail sale of footwear and leather goods in specialized stores (3118) Retail sale of games and toys in specialized stores (480) Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment and other household articles in specialized stores (4545) Retail sale of bread, pastry, cakes and sugar confectionery in specialized stores (3203) Retail sale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs in specialized stores (732) Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco products in booths, kiosks and markets (5775) Retail sale of cosmetics and perfumery in specialized stores (2126) Retail sale of tobacco products in specialized stores (295) Retail sale of pharmaceutical and medical goods, cosmetic and toilet articles in specialized stores (8471) Retail sale of textiles, clothing and footwear in stalls, kiosks and markets (5723) Retail sale of textiles in specialized stores (4396) Retail trade, other than shops, stands, kiosks and markets (6518) Retail sale of newspapers and stationery in specialized stores (2639) Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories (9957) Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating (118266) Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating (37769) Retail sale via mail order houses or via the Internet (15131) Retail sale via stalls and markets of other products (7754) Raising other animals (1286) Raising other cattle (713) Raising dairy cattle (1825) Raising horses and other horses (67) Raising camels and camelids (18) Raising sheep and goats (779) Raising birds (1352) Raising pigs (1320) Rice cultivation (344) Real estate development (promotion) (10349) Rental of video tapes and discs (CDs, DVDs) (128) Renting and subletting of own or leased real estate (17319) Road and motorway construction work (4195) Roofing, framing and terrace construction work (2016) Recovery of sorted recyclable materials (3245) Regulation of the activities of bodies providing services in the field of health care, education, culture and other social activities, excluding social protection (28) Regulation and efficiency of economic activities (16) Repair of other equipment (342) Repair of electronic household appliances (1434) Repair of personal and household goods n.c.a. (818) Repair of articles made of metal (286) Repair of computers and peripheral equipment (4178) Repair of watches and jewelry (227) Repair of household appliances and home and garden equipment (699) Repair of communication equipment (921) Repair of electrical equipment (542) Repair of electronic and optical equipment (471) Repair of footwear and leather goods (261) Repair of furniture and household furnishings (193) Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft (58) Repair and maintenance of other transport equipment n.c.a. (220) Repair and maintenance of ships and boats (600) Reproduction of recordings (253) restaurant (27810) Road transport of goods (62489)


Sports base activities (1099) Sports club activities (208) Specialized healthcare activities (8202) Social work activities, without accommodation, for the elderly and for people who are unable to take care of themselves (100) Specialized design activities (4391) Service activities incidental to crude oil and gas extraction (252) Service activities ancillary to forestry (473) Service activities incidental to air transportation (163) Security systems service activities (1196) Satellite telecommunications activities (304) Specialized cleaning activities for buildings, means of transport, industrial machinery and equipment (1275) Support activities for artistic performance (shows) (1869) Sale of gaseous fuels through mains (82) Specialized wholesale of other foods, including fish, shellfish and molluscs (1127) Shipbuilding and floating structures (1130) storage (1410) Salt extraction (14) Sugar making (36) Supply of steam and air conditioning (187) Sports and recreational education (625) Secondary, technical or vocational education (247) Surface and underground railway construction works (287) Sanitary, heating and air conditioning works (14252) Sea fishing (113) Screening of motion pictures (188) Stone cutting, shaping and finishing (1230) Sawmills and planing of wood (7537) Sea and coastal freight transport (757) Sea and coastal passenger transport (597) Space transport (51)


Tour operator activities (2340) Television broadcasting activities (916) Testing and technical analysis activities (3345) Trade in other motor vehicles (1257) Trade in cars and light motor vehicles (less than 3.5 tonnes) (5452) Trade in motorcycles, related parts and accessories; maintenance and repair of motorcycles (852) Tobacco cultivation (73) Textile finishing (381) Tea and coffee processing (305) Tanning and dressing of leather; preparation and dyeing of furs (233) Taxi transport (15777) Treatment and coating of metals (466) Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste (249)


Upper coal extraction (PCS => 23865 kJ / kg) (47) Urban, suburban and metropolitan passenger transport (2478)


Veterinary activities (4097)


Web portal activities (1759) Water transport service activities (654) Wired telecommunications activities (3035) Wireless telecommunications activities (satellite only) (799) Written and oral translation activities (interpreters) (2755) Water capture, treatment and distribution (627) Wastewater collection and treatment (451) Wholesale of other household goods (4899) Wholesale of other machinery and equipment (3145) Wholesale of other office machinery and equipment (453) Wholesale of other intermediate products (2576) Wholesale of live animals (677) Wholesale of household appliances, radios and televisions (2888) Wholesale of beverages (2316) Wholesale of furs, hides and skins (462) Wholesale of computers, peripheral equipment and software (2526) Wholesale of meat and meat products (1960) Wholesale of watches and jewelery (425) Wholesale of unprocessed grain, seeds, fodder and tobacco (3441) Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products (2725) Wholesale of waste and scrap (2962) Wholesale of ironmongery and heating equipment and supplies (2601) Wholesale of flowers and plants (1227) Wholesale of fruit and vegetables (4808) Wholesale of clothing and footwear (8826) Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies (1208) Wholesale of machinery for mining and construction (582) Wholesale of textile machinery and sewing and knitting machines (236) Wholesale of machine tools (993) Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment (16014) Wholesale of metals and metal ores (2133) Wholesale of furniture, carpets and lighting equipment (1245) Wholesale of office furniture (121) Wholesale of chemicals (2397) Wholesale of cosmetics and perfumery (2471) Wholesale of ceramics, glassware, and maintenance products (1426) Wholesale of tobacco products (270) Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods (3219) Wholesale of dairy products, eggs, edible oils and fats (1070) Wholesale of textiles (3285) Wholesale of sugar, chocolate and sugar products (1274) Wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices (1395) Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications components and equipment (1604) Wholesale of motor vehicle parts and accessories (6579) Wallpaper manufacturing (11) Washing and cleaning (dry) of textile articles and fur products (1561)